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888Sport – £25 Opposite Score Free Bet Refund Promotion

Sport: Bookie: Offer Expires:
Football 888sport 31st December 2015

All English Premier League, La Liga or Champions League Matches

Bet Type: Pre-match Singles

Bet Market: Correct Score

Example Bet:

13/03 Aston Villa v Tottenham Correct Score 1-0

Stake: £5 or more

Result: Match ends the opposite to your predicted score

Potential Return: Stake returned as a free bet up to £25

This is is a betting promotion that a lot of people will be grateful for; the amount of times that a bet of 1-0 has turned out to be 0-1 as the underdogs get a goal in and then your team are trying to score against a goalie and 10 defenders. Most recently we would have seen Manchester United being beaten by West Brom 0-1 and Tottenham having the same result against West Ham but as the records show, this is no how things turned out. So if you are predicting short results like this or even 2-1 results then we can heartily recommend you get your bet on with this promotion from 888Sports.

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Where to watch: You could add to your excitement and watch your matches live on Sky Sports or BT Sport

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